Get The Best Out Of Your NDIS Experience – Build Your Team

Understanding all the bits and pieces of NDIS can be challenging and even when you think you have it all right, you find out that there are things missing or things you just didn’t know about. It can take a long time to get a first plan through NDIS, and once it is all said and done even then things may not always be smooth sailing.

That is why it is so very important to build your team around you. A little team of NDIS experts who know the tips and tricks.

Who should those people be? Well, we have put through a few recommendations below:

Team Member 1 – Support Coordinator (SC for short)

Now we know not everyone’s package allows for this, however if you don’t ask you don’t receive, so ask away. You may also find a good pro bono Support Coordinator to assist you from time to time so put the feelers out. What does a Support Coordinator do, you ask? Well, a Support Coordinator or SC as they are often referred to, will assist you to understand your plan, they will notice anything irregular or not set up sufficiently. They will also guide you on which providers you will need to look for and how to get in touch with them as well as where to get supply items from. In other words, they are GOLD! If things change in your world, they will help fill in the forms and gather the information needed. A good SC that knows their stuff well, will save you many headaches, they can be the difference between a good or bad NDIS experience.

Team Member 2 – Plan Manager (PM for short)

These are the finance people on your team! They know the NDIS inside out and back to front; they can help you to manage your funds and keep everyone honest along the way. Although NDIS allow you to Self-Manage funds or NDIA Manage funds, Plan Managers enable the funds to be managed weekly and paid out correctly so there is little to no risk involved in getting it wrong, attracting fines for incorrect spending or provider mismanagement. The cost of a Plan Manager is around $1400 per year and is huge value for their expertise and monitoring. Another good thing to note is every NDIS Participant is entitled to a Plan Manager so this fee is added to your package should you wish to have a Plan Manager on your team.

Team Member 3 – Support Team Manager

Usually connected to a Support Organisation like Jac’s Place, or they can also be an independent worker looking over a small team, these guys are a guiding light! Here to hold your hand through the ups and downs and help you put together a team of support workers. They make sure you get to your doctor’s appointments and check your eating well and keeping healthy. They are the glue working with you, your loved ones, your SC and PM, and allied health team. They are there to assist and facilitate your needs to achieve your goals and keep them up to date and relevant as you progress on life’s little highway. This is where Drop-in Support or 24/7 Care can become exceptional service, and great relationships are made.

So, you can see no one expects you to go this alone!

Build your team today to get the best out of your NDIS experience.