Our story begins with our Founder & Director Bec

Bec began her career working in Civil and Property Law for almost a decade before dedicating herself for as many years to Interior Design, working on the design and construction of healthy residential and commercial environments.

After completing her Masters of Business Administration, it was a consultancy role that lead her to the care sector, where she found herself appointed to oversee a Not-for-Profit First Nations Housing Community on Stradbroke Island during the COVID era. This organization managed a remote Aged Care Facility, Community Nursing program, Respite Day centre, and over 100 affordable homes for the Department of Housing. Falling in love with the people, community, and work in this space, she never looked back.

So, to build on this work, she set out to create a social enterprise organisation that could give back to the community, and ultimately work to change the game for greater outcomes for vulnerable people. Since then, Bec has overseen over 34 SIL homes nationally.

Since her work in the healthcare sector began, Bec has been a consistent advocate for vulnerable people, working with all levels of government, and as of the end of 2023 has rescued funding and services for over 21 NDIS, SIL and SDA Participants who have been at significant risk.

“Every day is an opportunity for individuals and communities to make our world a better place and it starts with peaceful, happy homes”.

Who is Aunty Jac?

We all dream of living in our own little paradise, and Aunty Jac’s paradise was a small farm property filled with rescue animals, surrounded by idyllic countryside views. She loved all creatures, great and small, and held a bright, adventurous spirit.

Although her time came too soon, Disability Services and the support of her community enabled Aunty Jac to live her best life in her little paradise, in comfort, security, and dignity.

Bec founded Jac’s Place in memory of this incredible woman and her amazing Support team who made such a wonderful impact on her life.

The team at Jac’s Place believes everyone should access this kind of NDIS experience and opportunity, as everyone deserves a piece of their own little paradise and to live their very best life, the way they choose.